Treasure Island

My Theory,   is of a discovery that all places described in the supposedly fictional book Treasure Island T/I by "Robert Louis Stevenson" are in fact all real places and are matching to Cadgwith cove, Lankidden cove and the two Kennack cove found in Kennack Bay on the eastern side of the Lizard in Britain's most southerly county of Cornwall.


A significant amount of history related information here given to allow historians and scholars to see for further researching to be continued with a list of likely directions to follow up that may be used to obtain a grant to a researcher to follow up so as to "possibly" conclude and finalise to authenticate this discovery.


Also the discovery of a garrison found between the two beaches of Kennack Sands K/S that had "Likely" been built by the unrecorded pirate crew of Henry Avery who had been ship wrecked  and gone ashore in shallow water described in Avery's book THE KING OF PIRATES in pages of 34/6, although this book is said to be a fictional book,this garrison matching the design in many way, papers here to be covered that members of the government Vernon with Harley knowing of this treasure and actually sailing here gives suspicion and this claims that the se men had sailed to Falmouth and stayed with the Hawkins family where there legend is K/S is T/I today of 2017.


It is the authors understanding that the origin of Stevenson's T/I had come from the privateer captain William Kidd out a report from the government Spy,Private Detective and Publisher Daniel Defoe, that at a time when Kidd had realised that his ships papers were not going to be given to him at his high profile court case in 1700 , Kidd had told his friend and the Spokesman to the House of Commons Lord Robert Harley

WHERE THERE HAD BEEN TREASURE LOGED DOWN AND NOT YET LIFTED, and it had been where Harley had gone to look for this treasure "WHERE TREASURE ISLAND HAD BEEN, this covers .


This letter is stating that all three places used in T/I are matching to the real places of Cadgwith cove with Black Hill cove, Lankidden with Kit's Hole and the double beaches or harbours of Kennack Sands to the Island, this can be seen in all of the large and topographically plausible distances with names as well as features along with all of the small places described in T/I.


With each of these places matching to each event that had been described in Treasure Island T/I these three real places proves that Stevenson had used theme as every event in those places are covered, topographically described with features and names proving that Stevenson's book T/I  had been a none fictional.


Starting with the finding of Cadgwith cove that has a high cliff called MAN-U-WAR, where the moon always rises in this direction giving it's light on the fare side of the valley called HILL-SIDE and TOP THE HILL,

the Cadgwith Cove Inn is matching to the Admiral Ben Bow that also faces in the direction of the high cliff rising moon and the beach that is visible from the upper rooms , where it is still possible today to walk amongst the small fishing boats that are winched up onto this beach, slightly less than half way towards the next hamlet built above the next cove called LITTLE COVE is a bridge, from here gives a full command of the front of this Inn as Jim Hawkins had explained where the banks of the small stream are high enough to hide a small person, the observation of the warning whistles from Pews look out, shoots echoing in the cliffs near by and direction of the pirates that were chased up the valley and across towards the cliff. 


Along side of this bridge is the old Revenue station where there gig would have been housed and likely the reason why the revenue men "who Jim had meet" were heading for Cadgwith to launch there gig so as to chase the pirates at Kit's Hole, before killing Blind Pew, as they were going there at any rate, notice , how Pew had ran past Jim's postion,  who had been in the river watching the Inn being ransacked in an easterly direction, before Pew going killed by the Revenue men on his horse, the revenue men had likely come from the west as they were behind Jim and this is from the "possible" real Doctors Liveseys house ,

this is "one mile west"at a farm called Anvose that used to have a surgery, with the Squire Trelawneys Lodge Hall  only 300 meters south, where there is a farm called Gwavas that is recorded in the Dooms Day Book.


At Gwavas there are two large gate post that hung a large iron gate that had come from the Bodmin jail, where there is a short lane going towards the direction of the rising moon, to the right is the ruins of the Lodge Hall and the Squire Trelawneys House, here there is a row of five bricks above each of the four walls that had been painted with "white wash" on either side, "proving" Stevenson's accurate observation of a (WHITE LINE ON EITHER SIDE), where there were also gardens here, the real Squires house has a Great Hall where the T/I story had been told by the revenue man Mr Dance of the killing Blind Pew and chasing the pirates back to Kit's Hole, it had been said that Pews death would be put down to a (REVENUE MANS DEATH) and at Cadgwith there is a legend that a revenue man had actually been killed here.  


Three miles to the east across Kennack Bay from Cadgwith and clearly visible from many fields near by, is an old smuggling cove called Lankidden, this is only a two hour walk to Cadgwith and a half a days sailing in a lugger, Lankidden had a Free Traders station above it called BORGWITHA with a revenue Block House along side to stop these traders from trading, ( this is possibly where the report would have gone to warn the Customs Cutter of Pews luger that had been at anchor here would have been the (B. . . . . ) .

There lugger would have likely sailing from and back to Falmouth or Penryn where the pirates Spy- Glass- Inn would have been, a lugger is the name of a Cornish sailing fishing boat, The privateer William Kidd had a nick name of (KIT'S) and on the western side of the beach and after half tide there is a smugglers cave called the "PARLOUR" that is a (HOLE)  this land as well as Cadgwith had been owned by the Hawkins family at Trewithen Estate who possibly traded with Kidd and this family still to this day of 2017 carry a legend that K/S is T/I.



At Kennack Sands K/S possibly called "BOSGWITHON", here there are two beaches or private harbours back then, where no ordinary people were allowed to stand on them beaches,they were locked by the Land Lords with locks on the gates on the three lanes leading out of these coves, here there is a real STOCKADE hidden in the trees above the western beach where the Doctor narrative would have been describing,

this is archeological evidence clearly showing the remains of the Block House that had been built on the southern facing side where the first gun fight had taken place, there a Stables, Hay shed, Well, Palisade ,Ramp, small palisade with the actual remains of the ruins of the Log House cabin , this is not visible from sea but it is on the companion, the trees growing out of the Log house ruins are visible from the mounds that Ben Gun says were Cap'n Flints crews graves above the eastern beach and near a stream .


Jim Hawkins would have landed on this eastern beach as these mounds are again archeological prof as they are actually here in this position, they are of earth and stones that were picked from the fields by workers before who had cleaned the fields and dumped here on this sandy waist land ,this is the real dill where Jim had also watched Silver kill Tom, these mounds of earth and stones have been excavated by myself in 2015 so as to prove that these are mounds of stones and earth on top of the main land made up of clean grey sand with no earth at all, these would have looked like graves and are at a Position being the very same place as where Stevenson had told "through Ben Gun saying" that these mounds are Flint crews graves and "from here"  it  "is"  possible  to see the trees growing out of the Log House ruins where the Squire's Union Jake flag had been flying, as well as the Anchorage, Skeleton Island, Spy-Glass Hill and where Gun's coracle had been hidden .


At the Log House ruins that is built on a small knoll there had at one time been water flowing past where there porch would have been, the evidence of this is a cement gutter made crudely that would have channelled the flow of water past where the door would have been, inside these ruins are large flat serpentine stones cut square where there harth had been, this is near the door way and embedded in one of the stones is a small piece of iron, this had likely been the remains of "one of the fire grate's legs" that had held the fires ashes as evidence to prove that this is the real stockade of T/I as this is written in accuracy and true to describing all things here written.



Above this postion of where these mounds are above the eastern beach at the same place where jim had fainted after seeing Silver kill Tom, there is a quarry that is looking like a "cave", and from the sea as the story claims them leaving this beach, Jim had written how they had waved to Trelawney who had been standing near this cave,  this being very visible and being close enough for them to see him and for Trelawney  to have heard them shouting "three cheers" , it is here that stones and gravel had come out of this quarry like a "spout" and the rocks have rolled down the steep side of this valley, this direction is north from the beach as Jim had ran up finding Ben Gun , and north east from the Log Cabin just like the direction that the Doctor had left so as to get help from Ben Gun before the attack at the treasure site.


These rocks clearly visible had fallen through pine and fur trees as they grow ever taller, there is one places where it can be seen to be matching in ones imagination where Gun had been seen ahead by Jim 

with him not knowing either man or monster, that Gun had doubled back behind Jim who had been retreating towards the beach cutting off Jim's retreat, from this position the anchorage is visible and only three hundred meters from the Log Cabin .    


The Doctors narrative would have been the western beach with the Squire Trelawney and others taking in there stores to the stockade one hundred yards from the sea at high water here at K/S, the Doctor had said ; that the two pirates who were guarding there two gigs went out of sight from the Doctors vision, that would have been the 40 to 50 feet high promontory of land of the Spy-Glass that prow trudes seawards "blanking off" the eastern beach where Jim and Silver would have landed, between these two beaches is the remains of the island identical to the Skeleton Island that is at E,S/E on the compass from the top of this small hill and there are some very old tree stumps at N,N,N/E.


You can only get on to this island after half tide ebb, at this position it is very likely where Jim had to wait until dark to take Ben Guns coracle and to cut away the Hispaniola, this being the same place as when jim had made his return journey from putting the Hispaniola in a safe place and arriving at the stockade on the southern side, these two valley's both have rivers that soak through thick smelly mud that grow bull rushes into the blocked off there exit of stones from winter gales into Kennack Bay. 


The distance from the eastern beach where Silvers crew had come from to try and cut off Trelawney re-stoking the stockade is00 yards and comes along a lane meting at the Block House where there first gun battle had taken place,the land here is sandy, where there is a palisade that has a ramp behind the Block House the same as when it has been told how John Silver had difficulty in getting over, there are three lanes leading out of the Free Traders station, on this low lying sandy land with a small hill is looking like an island only on the land this is matching to how Henry Avery's had described the places in his book THE KING OF PIRATES and the pages "34/6". 


There garrison yet to be recognised as being so had been found in 2012 by the author and it just so happens Stevenson had put (GARRISON) in T/I story and also (WELL) with seemingly no reason that helps this story to become real and true as he also wrote "WALL" when talking about the Ben-Bow as there is a wall in front of the Cadgwith Cove Inn.


Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island had been published in 1883 and there is a record of Stevenson visiting the saint Michael's Mount with a letter to his parents saying 

THE WEATHER IN CORNWALL HAD BEEN WORSE THAN THE WEATHER IN SCOTLAND, and also a lost sighting in the computer of Stevenson having stayed at Coverack, four miles to the east of Kennack.


This letter is offering to be scrutinised by historians of the world so as to authenticate the real places that have been described as matching to most of those described at T/I's Black Hill cove, Kit's Hole and the island that Jim had said that he had not walked around.


This also claims an observation that in T/I  Billy Bones had fallen "face fore most" when he dead ,but when Jim and Mum had returned from seeking help from the hamlet ,Bones had been "on his back", 

it is likely that Bones had been the first mate of the pirate Henry Avery who had been given the treasure map too and "apparently" the origin of the (Black Spot) ,Bones had gone to the cliff from likely Cadgwith

to a point of land called "Innes head", from here where there are large grey stones it is possible to see there treasure site after getting ship wrecked and having to build there garrison between these two beaches.


This garrison is archeological evidence that proves with other artefacts and papers that Avery had landed here at K/S and "possibly" Ben Gun "MAY" have been Avery's gunnery officer who had designed this garrison and "like Bones" loyal to Avery by making sure the rest of the crew at Falmouth (being Stevenson's Bristol) were not digging up there treasure before Avery had returned ,

this can be understood in pages 34/6 of Avery's book THE KING OF PIRATES by Daniel Defoe and forwarded by Peter Ackroyd where Avery with one sloop had arrived intending to make safe a private place ,dismissing Defoe's clamming that Avery had been ship wrecked down at Madagascar.  



This following letter is connecting to those in our history who were connected with Avery, Kidd, Lord Robert Harley , Lord Vernon around 1695 to 1700 when the high profile court case dealing with the famous privateer captain William Kidd and some of the crew of the pirates of Henry Avery, it is my understanding that the origin of the story of T/I had come from D/D report ,to his friend and the spokesman to the House of Commons and captain of the Royal Horse Guards "WHERE THERE HAD BEEN TREASURE LOGGED DOWN AND NOT YET LIFTED" at a time when all of Kidd's papers were stollen from his court case so he could not defend himself.

Many authors implying that Kidd would have very likely been telling the truth of this treasure because of this imminent danger of his death with out his papers given to him is backed up by these very same papers were found in 1912 by a Mr Ralph Payne showing Kidd would have defended him self well and clearing his charges of murder and piracy and being able to expose treason and comsperacy with-in the government at that time.

This offers to be looked into of a coded letter connecting to those just said as well as a possible real Treasure Map T/M describing K/s with two bearings that X , that has a  list of treasure is connecting to the coded letter connected to Harley being the same place where Stevenson had described as the island  T/I, implying that the treasure of T/I is likely the treasure of Avery's from India and Stevenson crew being those of Avery's not yet recognised in our history.


A connection with Avery being here with the evidence of there garrison between these two beaches found matching Avery's design along with papers where there treasure could possibly be as well as a connection to Harley in a coded "LETTER FROM AVERY THE PIRATE" clearly stating that he had actually sailed to where the treasure map T/M (Avery the Pirate) is describing that is the eastern beach of K/S ,

with a well recorded letter from the King to answering Lord Vernon "who had all Kidd's papers" asking for a grant of treasure trove to look for this treasure,



Permission is granted for those above to send this letter on to anybody who may know or who could advise me in a direction to take this discovery to have authenticated,

as I believe this discovery to be a major find in history and for professional advice is requested here for guidance with this information to have authenticated and of the three main places described in Treasure Island are real and are matching in all ways to those described above in Kennack Bay.


Helping to prove this Discovery of T/I are many names of the places above still used today along with local words and phrases, topography or the distances from each other are clearly logical and possible to have taken place along with the direction of the moon in these three places above.


Along with these places described in greater detail below is the discovery of a garrison found between these two beaches of K/S in 2012 by myself that is matching the design described in the supposedly fictional book called THE KING OF PIRATES Henry Avery, published by Daniel Defoe and forwarded by Peter Ackroyd in the pages of 34/6, this is explains how  Avery "with one sloop" had arrived where these two ships had intended to be at and that he had described of being ship wrecked in shallow water with there sloop saving there lives in the dark.

Defoe had stated that Avery had been ship wreck3d down at Madagascar where there has never been any garrison found or records to show that Avery had been in to Madagascar , so this statement is giving information to show where the garrison is found between the two beaches of Kennack Sands where there lane to carry there cannons is identified by another short lane adjacent to a low the shallow axel clearance of the gun carriages to be allowed down to the main lane at the lower level.

To prove this to be so is to be able to see a tram line cut in to the bed rock so as to keep the left or eastern wheals to keep in this line, also wot looks to be is a (L) shape dug out for the gunnery officer, two tables for there shoot and a dug out for the man on watch at the top of this real Spy-Glass Hill, from this position the remains of an Island is at E,S/E and tree stumps at N,N,N/E .


In front there is a "one stone high" wall for a small garden made from the rocks out of the gunnery dug out, in front another small arms dug out half way up the steps from the western beach that had been made crudely which dismisses being any thing to do with the 2nd World War as there had been two pillar boxes on this side of the beach facing the shore line and one pillar box at the eastern end of the cannons lane facing the eastern beach. 


There may not be any record of this in any records as this "is a new find" but possibly in one of Avery's crews pardons of there "Kings pardon", because of the political situation the British government had found them selves in when dealing with the plundering of the two Indian ship's the Fateh Muhammad and the Gang-I-Sawi, this had caused great protesting from India by stopping all trade with the British East India company with five ports closed to all British shipping and all of the surveillants encircled by the Indian army's for there own safety who had been under house arrest and all British factories closed down in protest 

as these pirates were the most wanted as they were mostly British.


The government members "it seems" had bought and paid for a ship called the Adventure Galley (giving one reason why Kidd's papers were not given him and a letter the world has yet to see) Kidd had "possibly" co-jacked to captain there ship, along with a commission from the King to be a "pirate hunter" called a privateer, but while Kidd had been at sea looking for Avery, Kidd come across a Commander Warren who had insisted that Kidd''s crew were to help him take some British ships back to London as many of Warrens crew were dead and the living ones were not capable of doing so as many were dying and were in poor condition from deceases.


Kidd had already experience his crew being taken when leaving London and did not feel safe "from the crew on doing wot he had been asked to do " so Kidd had to row there ship out of the port,

It is understood that Warren had started the rummer that Kidd had turned pirate by rowing away from him and it appears in history many times that" this action had lead to rummers spread around the world that Kidd had turned" and "apparently" Kidd had heard of these rummers long before landing in a British port of Boston USA as he had all of the evidence he needed to defend him self on the charges of Piracy and Murder and was sent back to Britain.


Kidd had been put in chains by one of his first backers in the Adventure Galley, Lord Bellemont, who had sent Kidd back to Britain on the ship called the ACTIVE captained by Ellis along with KIDD's ships papers, these papers were looked after by a new book keeper for the Government Lord Vernon who had not allowed Kidd his papers in his profile court case in London to defend himself , as Vernon had said that the papers were (lost in the admiralty) so Kidd had been hung for piracy and murder even though he insisted he had all of his papers and that there had been "treasure logged down and not yet lifted" in the hope that this treasure would save his life ,with many authors believing that Kidd would have been telling the truth because of his situation ,"this being the start of Treasure Island story from the government publisher, Spy, Publisher and Code maker Daniel Defoe.


If this is the origin of the story used by Stevenson for T/I and had come from Daniel Defoe, there is a connection here in this showing that "Lord Robert Harley" with possibly "Lord Vernon" who had sailed to where Stevenson had described in great detail, Many authors have implied that some sayings from John Silver and alike in T/I story were true and that Robert Harley had sailed to a place with Lord Vernon "who" had applied for a Grant of Treasure Trove from the King .who replied saying; 



Apparently these papers , (accept for one piece of paper now in the Cornwall Records office that the world has never seen) is connecting to Avery and his crews treasure at K/S with Kidd owning it before Vernon and Harley had taken it and sailed to where Stevenson had described as the island where the treasure could still be there today .


Kidd's lost likely stollen papers were found by a Mr Ralph Payne in 1912 or 1920 showing that (IF)Kidd were allowed his papers he could have exposed treason and conspiracy with-in the government by showing the government members names who had owned the Adventure Galley along with the famous French Passes of the ships Kidd had taken were owned by the French,    clearing his piracy charges, 

Kidd's ships log book "apparently" showing that he had a mutiny on board with the killing of there spokes person and his gunnery officer William Moore being then in self defence, clearing his murder charges, 

along with the commission from the King "as a privateer" who would have had the first 10% of the treasure when Kidd retuned.


The penalty of Treason and conspiracy had been death by hanging, that could have changed the course of history or even possibly made India go to war with Britain and very likely put the lives of those British people in there factory's and houses and houses who were encircled by the Indian armies at risk, this being and giving a good reason "why Kidd's papers were not given to him when he needed them.


One small piece of paper that had been found in the Trewithen Estate still owned by the Hawkins family has been translated by myself from French to English in 2012, a duplicated copies of a report had been sent to many in the Treasure Trove,Liaison officers and other departments as the law states, showing that the J/1/2277 letter is describing two land mark bearings recognised and explained in the 1st two sentence's, as a bearing, going to the next bearing described in the 4th sentence, so with the 3rd sentence describing that the 1st bearing is going two the 2nd bearing making a X where they cross each other at K/S eastern beach duns.


This is implying that Kidd had found where Avery had gone with his ship the FANCY and this is showing real evidence that Avery had been wrecked and gone ashore with the prof and archeological evidence of there garrison between these two beaches at K/S, it reads in Avery's book that Defoe says that it is a fictional book how there sloop crew had saved there lives in the dark when they were driven ashore, with the wind abating "as Avery's book explains" by saving there guns and treasure, had buried it in the duns of the eastern beach where the J/ letter is describing and build there garrison that is of many major man made constructions that are here to see matching Avery's design.   


This garrison found by myself in 2012 is archeological evidence needed to prove to the world that Avery had made land fall here with one of his two sloops and a company of his crew were left here and not recorded in history at all and were very likely the real pirates who had been used as Stevenson's story and pirate crew who owned this treasure and could have walked to Falmouth where they had all paid in the perches there Spy-Glass Inn, from here Blind Pews lugger could have sailed to Kit's Hole, Billy Boned had taken only one day to ride here at Cadgwith in the coach of the Royal George , that Pew should have taken back before getting killed.


Avery's book THE KING OF PIRATE in the pages of 34/6 is describing where these two ships had intended to arrive at as there garrison proves that these pirates had actually been here and built it, with Avery saying that they were to make safe this private place to do there business and make it there refuge, as at this time avery had been wanted all over the World and the British colonies of it's empire , with this archeological evidence for the world's historians to "hopefully analyse it's authenticity" to be matching Avery's gunnery officers design described in these pages .


The King of Pirates had been published by the government , Spy, Private Detective and publisher for the government Daniel Defoe and is forwarded by the author Peter Ackroyed and the high promontory where they first come in to take on stories would likely had been on the eastern side of the Lizard where there is a safe anchorage, there intention had been to make safe a private place ,meaning a "Free Traders Station)this would have likely been the stockade at K/S owned privately and can be seen from here that they possibly had intended to take over before arriving here, this then dismissing and rejecting Daniel Defoe claiming that these pirates had been ship wrecked down at Madagascar where "NO" garrison or ships artefacts has ever been found as this is able to show a connection.


With these many major man made construction's of this garrison yet to be identified as Henry Avery's crews garrison gives archeological evidence "when proven" and "authenticated"has already been recorded by the Cornwall archeological team in the 80's by a Mr Charley John's of the Lizard is describing a castle or a defence position, as it is clearly showing enough sand to have a double palisade, there is the deep ditch ,flat land for there tents and huts and another palisade, where there is a cannons lane cut into the side of the seaward facing shallow angled cliff.


This can be proven to be a cannons lane as there is an other adjoining lane adjacent from the top so that the carriages can be lowered to this lower Laval, to keep these gun carriages on a correct course a tram line cut into the bed rock is clearly seen allowing the eastern wheels of the carriages to be kept in these tram lines.


Further even dance is wot looks like is a Gunnery officers "L" shape dug out along side are two tables built out of the sand with a "man on watch position" just below the top, this being Spy-Glass hill,

This cannon lane is clearly visible from the second world war machine gun concrete pallor box going west also a small arms dug-out half way up the steeps from the western beach on the right where it can be seen made crudely to defend the western side . 


There has been to date 9 artefacts found in the shallow water of this cove being a CARRONADE, SHOOT same bore , PLUNGER same bore , SWORD, SLAVE MILINA Avery would likely had these onboard , TWO SPANISH COINS dated older than 1695 with news papers cuttings , A SMALL PIECE OF GOLD lost and some thing small and round with CAPTAIN MORGAN written on it also lost in house hold junk , this then is implying that there had been a ship of the 17th century ship that may have gone ashore here on the western beach of K/S.  


I am offering to the Robert Louis Stevenson's club and members of the Stevenson's international conference this information with a possible short film to show these real places or a free tour of these actual places here as this is able to described the places matching stevenson Treasure Island as well as the discovery of where Henry avery had made land fall durring a time where the British government had been in an incredibly embarrassing postion when there owned the Adventure Galley and being in the hands of the treasure map from William Kidd of K/S who had been sent to look for Avery and the Indian treasure,

in the hands of Vernon and Harley, this is stating that the treasure of Treasure Island had been the Indian treasure of Avery's NOT Kidd's .


I would like this letter to be shown to all the delegates from all over the world and to those meeting on the 13th November and historians who could look at the people who have been involved at the time of Kidd trial and where the story of T/I had originated from to make sure that this is correct leading to a tour to be arranged as this is of great international interest of a major discovery please a short film could possibly be made as this involves real places it is not doing just to such a strong and important find, also with many names of the places helping to confirm and for them to be close enough to each other topographically with the position of the moon in each of these places.


There is a record that Stevenson had visited the Saint Michaels Mount in Mounts Bay where he had sent a letter to his parents saying that the weather here in cornwall had been worse than in Scotland ,this had been from the 3rd to the 13th of August 1876 and a sighting that Stevenson had stayed at Coverack four miles east.



The Cadgwith Cove Inn would likely have been the real Admiral Ben-Bow that is vissible from the small bridge at Cadgwith that is just less than half way to the next hamlet that is built above the next cove called LITTLE COVE .

From this direction the revenue men had arrived that killed Blind Pew who had ran past Jim while he had been hiding along side of this bridge and in this direction there are two buildings one and a half miles to the west matching the Doctor Liveseys house as well as the Squire Trelawneys Lodge Hall that is recorded in the Domesday book, at the top of the walls there is a row of red bricks that were painted with white wash being (A WHITE LINE ON EITHER SIDE) and a garden, at the top of a short lane that is leading to this old lodge Hall there are large gate posts that had carried a large gate that had come from Bodmin jail and the moon does shine into this lane.


At Lankidden across the bay matching Kit's Hole there had been a revenue station called Borgwitha, this likely being the place where the report would have gone from the revenue man, so as to warn the customs cutter that a luger had been at anchor hear at Kit's Hole, Apparently , William Kidd's nick name had been (KIT'S) and on the beach after half tide ebb there is a smugglers cave called the Parlour ,this is a (HOLE) h





ear the path is so steep one would have to get off there horse so as to steady it making the sturups jingle.


At Kennack Sands western beach there is a real stockade one hundred yards from the sea where a stables, hey shed, well, Block House on the souther facing side, a palisade with a ramp, and the remains of the Log-House built on top of a small knoll.


Inside these ruins are large cut flat stones that has a small piece of iron set into one of them, this could be the remains of wot could have been the leg of the fire grate that held the ashes from the fire, this is not seen from the sea but is visible from where Ben guns mounds of Flints dead crews graves are actually pills of stones and earth tipped here on this wast land that the trees growing out of the ruins of the Log-House are vissible from here.

From these mounds of earth and stones (that I have dug into to prove to be so) it is possible  to see the spit of land that is joining the old island matching to the Skeleton Island at S/E to the mainland of the original Spy-Glass Hill, also the anchorage where the Hispaniola had ounce been at anchor between this island and the eastern cliff ,this small spit of land is where jim had passed when returning from taking the Hispaniola to a safe place and also where Jim had waited for dark to come, before taking Ben Gun's coracle to cut the Hispaniola away.


The seaward facing cliff of the Spy-Glass is 40 to 50 feet high as Jim had described after waking up in the coracle and it is this land where these pirates had built there garrison in and around 1695 and would have had a man on guard with a telescope or Spy-Glass where there is an impression dug into the ground where the man on watch had been situated .


At high water the Doctor and Squire would have gone ashore as the promontory of the Spy-Glass Hill lose's  the view of the eastern beach where the pirates had been guarding there gigs and where Jim Hawkins and John Silver would have landed, here there is smelly mud that bull rushes grow on both rivers that are mostly blocked by stones after winter gales each year.


In the northerly direction from the Log-House and above where Jim had landed is an old quarry matching where Jim had found Ben Gun and where the Squire Trelawney had waved to the men leaving the eastern beach to row to where there treasure had been re-hidden by Gun, this quarry looks like a cave and is close enough to see a man wave from just off shore.


Below this quarry that is to the north of the Log-House there are stones and gravel coming out like a spout down through the pine and fur trees that grow ever taller as they descend into this steep side of this eastern valley, from where it is possible to also see the anchorage and where it is possible for Gun to be seen in front of Jim when running away from Silver and then Gun being able to get behind Jim as the book reads to be so.


I have been told of two local legends with the 1st from a farmer at Trevenwith ,half a mile up the eastern valley that the RED COATS HAD CHASED THE PIRATES UP THE VALLY. and 

There had been a REVENUE MAN KILLED AT CADGWITH COVE that may have been Blind Pew.



This theory continues to be able to show how it is possible to use the "lost in history crew of the pirates of Henry Avery " as those in the story line are likely involving Avery crew that are not recorded in history yet, as this is a new discovery and as I have found there garrison in 2012 as being archeological evidence with major man made constructions including a lane cut into the sea ward facing cliff where there cannons were placed that has a lane that is a jaycent to it, allowing the short wheal clearance axels of the gun carriages to be lowered down in a tram line visible onto this seaward facing lane.

A long side is a possible gunnery officers dug out there are wot looks to be cannon shoot tables and the place where the man on watch had lay down and on the western looking side of this small hill half way up the steep steeps on the right ,looks like a small arms dug out crudely made and would have had nothing to do with the 2nd World War as there had been two concrete machine gun pill box's there as well as the one on the eastern end of the cannon lane to this day looking east.


From the top of this hill and on the compass it is possible to see tree stumps at the bearing of N,N,N/E and the remains of the island matching the Skeleton island at E,S/E that is only acsesable after half tide ebb and had the sheep from the two close farmers sheep grave the grass on this island .


The land here and at Cadgwith cove had at one time been owned by the Hawkins familey who would have been William Kidds secret trading place as they had been friends §

This being the same place where the Lord Robert Harley had likely sailed too and being the same place where Robert Louis Stevenson had described as the Island these connections with those in government who had known about this and those in government who would have been put to death "IF"

this story above were to get into the hands of the public and press ,as the courts were open to the press that this time of the high profile court case of the privateer captain William Kidd's.


I am aware that the lost or should I say "stollen " papers of the Captain William Kidd's during his high profile court case in the Old Bailey in London "who had been charged with Murder and piracy",

had been found in 1920 or 1912 by a Mr Ralph Payne showing that Kidd would have been able to defend himself well and likely cleared his charges of piracy and murder and also exposed treason and conspiracy with-in the government at that time.


And with the possible treasure map taken by Lord Vernon and obtained a grant from the King to look for this treasure of Kidd's where Avery treasure had been , who had landed but had been ship wrecked at K/S "in which I have been researching into" would have very likely given India a good reason to go to war with Britain or at least change the cores of history and likely loosing trade with India to the French .


Apparently these papers of Kidd's that Lord Vernon had not given to Kidd during his trial, show that the famous French Pass's were there "clearing the piracy charges".

The Adventure Galleys ship's log book , showing that Kidd had had a mutiny on board , so the killing of his gunnery officer William Moore would have been in self defence"clearing his murder charges".

 And the names of the government members who had shares in and owned the Adventure Galley along with the King having the first 10% of all the goods when she returned to port,.


My information starts with a letter kept in the Cornwall Record office under J/1/2277 that is connecting with the pirates of Henry Avery who's crew had been left at K/S "not recorded in history" and likely waked to  Falmouth taking only one day where these pirates had all purchased an INN there and calling it the SPY-GLASS INN and painting a telescope on the sign above the door for those who could not read, as Silvers acount had never over drawn it is posseble that the Spy-Glass accounts are at Falmouth or Penryn to be found.


Kidd had returned with all of his papers that had been taken by Lord Vernon to look after who had latter not allowed these papers to bto be given to Kidd durring his trial ultimatelly leading to the unjust death of William Kidd of the charges of Murder and piracy , this letter here of Ellis's is claiming that the J/1/2277 had been taken from Kidd's ship's papers by Lord Vernon wwho had been given permittion from the King to look for Avery's treasure at K/S who had sailed to Falmouth with Lord Harley and stayed at Kidds friends and trading partners of the Hawkins's and sailed from Falmouth to Kennack Sands K/S that has been described in all of the places to where Robert Louis Stevenson had described in every single place with the Stockade 100 yards from the sea, Skeleton Island at E,S/E from the real Spy-Glass Hill and mounds of Flints crews graves at a place where the anchorage, Hill, and trees out of the Log House had been flying the union jake.


With these real places just mentioned proves that the landing of Jim Hawkins and John Silver had been on the eastern beach where and the Doctor Livesey's narrative with the squire Trelawney and others on the western beach and with a company of pirates that the world has yet to recognise of these pirates left here by Avery who clearly say's many convincing words in hs book THE KING OF PIRATES pages 34/6 where the author Daniel Defoe had claimed this book to be a fictional book can be understood to be very meaning full , crafty, cunning and complementary to his gunnery officer who had designed there garrison found between these two beaches at K/S.



This letter j/1/2277 had been translated by myself from French to English in 2012 and a full report sent to many in the Treasure Trove and British museum as the law does states, although there is some talk of this letter having a water mark on it being on paper of 1800, this does appear to be connecting to those above, it had been found at the  HAWKINS family estate of TREWITHEN who's family to this day carries a legend that K/S is T/I  this is possibly a real treasure map as the bedrock stones of three are hear with many one inch chisel marks applied in a very accurate way that appears to be counting the days, this had been under the sandy soil that is now clearly exposed and clearly visible for all to see.


This possible treasure map T/M "to M,E" is describing the eastern beach of Kennack Sands with-in there garrisons boundaries found in 2012 and this bay with North Up can be seen as looking like 

A FAT DRAGON STANDING ON IT'S HIND LEGS " as the ORIGINAL MAP USED IN STEVEN SONS BOOK T/I HAD BEEN and LOOKING LIKE (this is not a "joke" as the land features are looking like to be so)

by recognising the two land mark bearings after being translated from French to English the features "east wards" are of being the

  Karrick-Luz "off Lankidden" and in-front of the promontory of Pednabore near the "Black Head" as the 1st bearing , that is (going to) the next.


For this to be understood by a nautical man at sea on a chart with "north up" the three grey stones that I have found in the sand dun's that are "looking or inline with  S/W , this is how it can be understood 

where these two bearings meat or cross (X) over when standing at the place, as it had not been understood by those who had written (Cove ?) above the meaning of a simple strait line in-between a "dot at either side of it.


To connect this place to those above is a unique list of treasure that appears on a coded letter looking to be an "off the record pardon for the officers and crew of Avery's that history has yet to recognise

this possible treasure map  that is headed AVERY THE PIRATE has a unique list of treasure that is "ALSO" in a coded LETTER FROM AVERY THE PIRATE of a request by Robert Harley's to the Officers of Avery's 

( AT FALMOUTH) "as it is TO BE LEFT AT FALMOUTH POST HOUSE and going ahead of Harley's treasure hunting ship "requesting a place to stay", this gives there ship there "destination"



This unique list of treasure in each of these letters is connecting to the Lord Robert Harley who had been the "Spokesman to the House of Commons" and the "Captain of the Royal Horse Guards"

"apparently" at Orange street,London, Harley "apparently" had a Chaplin called (Richardson) connecting to Harley and the sailed of his treasure ship to Falmouth and likely stayed at Trewithen, 

also a possibility of along with "Lord Vernon" who had been in charge of "ALL" of the captain  William Kidd's papers during Kidd's trial.


It is well recorded that Lord Vernon had applied from the King a GRANT OF TREASURE TROVE , who had replied saying ; The King is aware that the pirate crew of Avery had buried treasure in the cliff's of Cornwall.




Kind regards

Copyright Martin Ellis of TR127JW on 26/10/2012 as the owner of the above findings.