A Fishermans Story in Rhyme

A Cornish fisherman he'll always be,
Even though he's no longer at sea.
Crabs and lobsters he has caught
All in the traditional crab pot. 

When things were slack, long lining too.
You never knew what Nutty would do.
Conger eels, spur dogs, ling and ray,
Even loads of sharks one particular day.

But pioneering ring nets he set out to do.
Ask any fisherman, he'll tell 'ee it's true.

Now it was quite a thing to take his little boat
From Cadgwith to Newlyn and try to keep her afloat.
Pilchards galore in his old Samantha Rose
And he came into Newlyn down by the nose.

Now these implications were very clear to he;
Would he stay crabbing down Cadgwith or 
catch pilchards at sea?
Their house was valued and a mortgage was sought,
The bank manager astounded at what he had caught.

So the sad old sight of For Sale was on 
the Samantha Rose
And the last trip to Gweek, and off to Wales on a low loader she goes.

So one page in his chapter of life did close,
Then off to Porthleven to buy the Penrose. 

Off Mousehole Island he was bound for shore
Where he spotted shoals of pilchards 
much larger than before.
He couldn't wait to shut his ring net around
But it turned out, because of this, he very 
nearly bloody well drowned.

He mastered the art of ring netting some time ago,
But not mastered the art of putting his fish below.
This putting the Penrose's stability in jeopardy
And within one or two minutes there were three in the sea.

Prevail was bought from Ireland, quite an apt name for he,
Because that means "It's going to be".
A steel ship, he thinks, is not likely to sink,
But financially next time and not in the drink. 

The years that then followed got pretty damned bad -
Prices, weather, crap crew all driving him mad.
So he made up his mind, driving home from Penzance,
That he'd try and catch sharks and just take his chance.

Mackerel was caught and shaken off the 
feathers by his hands
And he had eight miles of ropes, orange buffs 
and great big dans.

Out of all the fishing that he had ever done,
This was far away the best, it was just so much fun.
And he thought that the sharks would stop financial sinking,
But this was only wishful thinking.

And so it was on international tv, 
The return of nutty Noah for all to see.
Even the newspapers did a big spread,
A lot of angry people on seeing them dead.

Too many days he had steamed off our shores,
Not catching enough to pay for the stores.
No pack of hounds to follow their scent,
So Nutty Noah's money all gone and spent.

And now he's an artist, some people might say,
And the ones who are looking may become his prey.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.
All these long hours for only a quid.