Moonlight Sardines

Pilchard Catchers

Gaffed Porbeagle

Pilchards Galore



For Sale 20'' x 18'' £200

Birds 1.8 gsmma.jpg
Boats and Potmouth no 58.jpg
Cadgwith Boats no55.jpg
Cadgwith Crabbing or Pilchards at Sea no54.jpg
Cornish Mackeral Hand Line Fishing no52.jpg
Cornish Pilchard Palice no 50.jpg
Harbour With a Seat.jpg
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Nigel Legg with his pots and Boat no57.jpg
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No35 75 In one Day -2.jpg
No36 Albatross over Cadgwith -2.jpg
Pic 4 Lots of Seaguls 32inch.jpg
Pic 5 feeding Gulls 36inch canvas_.jpg
Pic 6 boates in Harbour.jpg
Pic 7 Fish_.jpg
Pic 8 Shark_.jpg
Pic 9 Map Of Cornwall.jpg
Pic 10 Fishing Boat.jpg
Pic 11 Tracktor towing Boat.jpg
Pic 14 Harbour at Night_.jpg
Pic 15 Fishingboat at Sea_.jpg
Pic 17 Xmas Lights 32_.jpg
Pic 18 Fish on a Line 32inches.jpg
Pic 19 Shark on Hook_.jpg
Pic 20 Boat at sea 6 on beach32.jpg
Pic 21_.jpg
Pic 23 Boat Sinking 17x23.jpg
Pic 23 Boat Sinking with words.jpg
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Pic No 46.jpg
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Pic No 48.jpg
Pic No 49.jpg
Pic One B-White.jpg
Pic Three tacktor on beach 32inch.jpg
Pic Two seaguls centre_.jpg
Pic12 4 colour moon over Harbour.jpg
Pic13 Seals in the Harbour B-W 32-.jpg
Pic16 Xmas Tree.jpg
pic22 Old Cadgwith Winch 26x16inch.jpg
Six Boates In Harbour-2.jpg
They 3 Were Me.jpg
Three Men carring Fis Boxs.jpg
Tree Men Crabbing.jpg
Two Men With Crabs.jpg
White Boat at Cadgwith  no53.jpg
Pic 24  32x17.jpg